✫ Live Performance X Sculpture | Full Documentation of “Abdominal BASS Cavern of A Stricken HEART” | Gillman Barracks, Singapore | 8pm, 22 Jan 2016

“Abdominal BASS Cavern Of A Stricken HEART”

Across the desolate swamps of these military wastelands; today, you people are no longer maggots. You will emerge from your chrysalis, a new tautness of mind, from the deadly emanations of this performance. Your perforated sonar will scavenge on the acrid remains of swampland flesh and soul in concerto unison – accelerando! fortissimo! presto!… Behold, The Abdominal Bass Cavern of a Stricken Heart! Listen well, feast and fester, or turn on your heels and go back like a raven reincarnated in regret.

In collaboration with:

Lyon Sim, Abby L. Kahei, Mario Chan, Raeha

Music by: Vermillion Team (Fuzz LEe)

Text Editor x Euginia Tan | Video Documentation x Michy Witchy

Facebook Event Page: Abdominal BASS Cavern of A Stricken HEART ( Part of Art After Dark at Gillman Barracks x Supported by SINGAPORE ARTS CLUB)