Beatific Perfume, 3 channel video with sound, duration modifiable, with Tarpaulin sculptures, 2020 – ongoing

☼ Beatific Perfume On-Going Series

Beatific Perfume (2020-ongoing), 3-Channel film with sound, duration modifiable

Joo Choon Lin created folding sculptures using tarpaulin that are unfolded and refolded endlessly into geometric shapes in a rhythmic arrangement. Choon Lin is interested in the possibilities of collapsing them into something metaphorically loaded form. Morphing one form into another in a process of metamorphosis as they are layered, angled and bends at shifting folds. Moving images of ocean, geometric sand patterns, grass swaying in wind and wood grain silkscreened on water are superimposed on folded tarpaulin sculptures. The superimposed image is a matrix of presences that appear and disappear into the surface of tarpaulin which can change our perceptions, through the alteration of what happens on the surface. The preoccupation with its repeating, revealing and concealing generate the different resonances of becoming presence in ever-changing and expanding forms. Essences unfold, new dimensions arise and new modes of experiences emerge.

Published by joo choon lin

Joo Choon Lin, Artist

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