Live Streaming on YouTube: Mission Control, Episode 02, 08 Dec 2020 (8pm, GMT+8) The Cold Purity of Mathematic Love/Trust Equations = {¢☼inHz[G☼lden Milkyway / ☾☽system -\+ ¢☼smi¢ExisteΩce [SPACE/TIME]-\+[In/☼ut]}

Join the live chat during the performance! Selected comments posted during the live chat will be reassembled and transposed into constellations of sounds and shapes using a 9-pad system, which is inspired by the magic square and pairs letters of the alphabet with numbers. All episodes begin at 8pm (GMT+8) on Joo Choon Lin’s YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Do Visit our Mission Control portal, a blackboard of sources, experiments, and diversions, including writings by Magdalen Chua.

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Mission Control is part of INTESTINOLOGY, a process of art-making and an organ of experimentation for materials to be digested and transformed, releasing and unearthing discoveries that lie beneath the surface of things. Broadly arranged in series since 2014, Mission Control marks the fifth iteration in series #4, an exploration of human systems, perception, and sound phenomena using new technology and mixed media.

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Joo Choon Lin, Artist

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