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Trailer of OPERATION 00100✧Roller Disco Rink✧The Blinking Organism X You SPLEEN Me’ Round✧2017

✫ Roller Disco Rink ✫ OPERATION 00100 ✫
★Performance 26 Aug 8PM
★Sound and Music Design by Joe Ng
★Performers: Lyon Sim, Michelle Lim, Joo Choon Lin, Kok Shu Heing, Abigail Chay, Koh Hong Peng, Lin Swee Choo, Chen Chee Fee, Tan Geok Chan, Tan Hean, Lee Tiang Chu                                                      ★Videographer + Editor: Nate Eileen Tjoeng | Chinese Calligraphic Design: Wen-Li Tesar